Over the years, we have enjoyed the opportunity of partnering with many successful local and national businesses. We don't require our clients to commit to long term contracts. Employer HR Group relies on providing great service for a great value, and that is why our clients remain loyal. 

We appreciate your responsiveness and professional staff. You make our business life easier.
— CEO - Client of 22+ Years
Our Board has seen that we could have not performed, using internal staff, the needed services as efficiently or as cost effectively without your firm. That is good for our budget.
— President - 15 Year Client
We appreciate having one firm to call for all services of payroll, insurance, HR legal compliance, OSHA and legal assistance for employment matters... we know the consolidated “one service” is economical and convenient.
— CFO, Healthcare Company - 9 Year Client
Your staff has provided excellent HR and legal administration in every area we needed. Your service has been cost effective; your staff professional, responsive, and easy to deal with.
— CEO - Surgery Center - 12+ Year Client